Transportation in Cyprus


The minimum driving age is 18, but drivers often need to be 25 years old to hire a car. The maximum speed limit is 100kph (63mph) on highways, 80kph (50mph) on most other roads and 50kph (32mph) in built-up areas. Road signs are in both Greek and English. There are strict repercussions for those not wearing seat belts or a crash helmet, or using a mobile telephone and being under the influence of alcohol whilst driving – the legal limits in Cyprus are the same as the UK, but with the heat in the Summer it is advisable to avoid drinking and driving. Stay safe and enjoy our island.

Getting around by road

Traffic drives on the left, the same as the UK.


Services connect all towns and villages on the island every day except Sunday and public holidays (limited services only). The main operators are Intercity Buses (tel: 00357 22665814) and Nicosia Buses (tel: 00357 22778841; website:

Rural buses

Limited to one or two services each day and can be slow, however they are a good way of seeing the more remote villages.


These run 24 hours between all the main towns on the island. Fares are regulated by the government and all taxis have meters. Shared taxis operate every 30 minutes between major cities. Rural taxis can only be hired from the base station and do not have a meter.

Car hire

Cars are one of the best ways to explore the island. They should be reserved well in advance during the summer season.


Riders and pillion passengers must wear crash helmets if the motorcycle is over 50cc.